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Hebden Bridge Mill

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Welcome To Innovation at Hebden Bridge Mill

Welcome to Hebden Bridge Mill. A building which has stood at the centre of this town, even before there was a town!

Built following an agreement between the Lords Of the Manors of Wadsworth and Heptonstall, dated the 3rd February 1314, it stood beside the original timber packhorse bridge across the River Hebden, preceding the ‘Old Bridge’ (1510) still remaining today.

Abandoned in 1956 and totally derelict, we purchased the mill in 1972 to save it from demolition. Today, it once again stands proud, fully restored, beside the clear rushing waters of the River Hebden. Put back to work again as home to the INNOVATION SHOP & CAFÉ-BAR, we invite you to visit us, to enjoy the wonderful ambience of this historic building. This principle of environmental sustainability characterises our entire business, with a wide range ethically sourced goods available in our shop and wholesome locally sourced food in the café; staff paid a proper ‘living wage’ (rather than the debased minimum so often paid elsewhere); and all our energy generated on site from fully renewable sources.

Come and see the GIANT WATERWHEEL in the café and the modern ARCHIMEDES SCREW taking power from the river. Learn about how they work and view the HERITAGE INFORMATION PANELS on display. Navigate our website to read about the history of this fine 700 year building, including the story of its rescue and restoration plus details of the sustainable energy project which has returned it to total dependence on water power for all its energy and heating needs.

You can now be assured that it does not cost the earth to shop, eat or drink at Innovation. Sit comfortably in our premises in the knowledge that you are not only supporting environmental protection but also assisting our conservation efforts to safeguard and enhance this important historic building. We have received no grants for this project and depend entirely on resources we generate ourselves.HEBDEN BRIDGE MILL has been rebuilt on dreams, hard slog and the contributions of customers, such as yourselves --- so, you can be confidant that it does not cost the earth to visit, shop, eat or drink at INNOVATION in HEBDEN BRIDGE MILL. Do come and have a look at us and let us thank you for your support.

Innovation Shop

• Design led Greetings Cards & Wrap
• Specialist Candles and Incense
• On-trend Accessories and Jewellery
• Ethical Body Products including Neal’s Yard Remedies
• Contemporary Décor Gifts & Family Woven Indian Rug
• Vintage Family Fun & Games

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Innovation Cafe

• Our sunny, friendly, ‘get together’ space
• Farm sourced traditional dishes & celebrated Soups
• Veggie & ‘healthy eating options
• Home-made scones & cakes
• Specialty ‘Yorkshire’ tea, coffee & local beers
• Riverside & streetside terraces

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The Mill

• At the heart of town on historic St. Georges Square
• Riverside and Streetside terraces
• Giant working waterwheel and Archimedes screw
• Heritage and sustainability information panels
• Also Open in the Mill – Toyshop; Retro-wear; Antiques & Orientals
• Plus local favourite restaurant Il Mulino

Latest News

Read about the History of the Mill

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700 Years of Transformation

Not just a Shop and Café-Bar, Hebden Bridge Mill has a wealth of interest in its own right. With 700 years of recorded history, the mill was first built at the time of Bannockburn when the Scots fought and gained their independence and fully restored to its present state in time for the referendum when they almost did the same again.

Not a one-off of history repeating itself as records tell of the disastrous flood of 1336 which almost carried the mill away --- not unlike the three major inundations experienced in 2012 which almost put us out of business!

Between these two episodes the mill has stood fast through many major events --- the discovery of new continents and peoples, two English civil wars and many external threats and attacks. Political campaigns for greater personal freedoms and agitation for women’s suffrage have swirled around and even, at times, invaded the building. Read all about it on our heritae panels and follow its course along our unique time-line exhibit.

The Mill stood sturdily throughout it all and today continues to serve many purposes.

Opening Times

Innovation Shop:

Monday - Saturday
9.45am - 5.30pm
Sunday & Bank Holidays
11am - 5.30pm

Innovation Cafe:

Monday - Saturday
9.45am - 5.00pm
(Hot food until 4.00pm)
Sunday & Bank Holidays
11am - 5.00pm
(Hot food until 4.00pm)

Contact Details

Shop: 01422 844 160
Cafe: 01422 844 094

Email: info@hebdenbridgemill.co.uk
Email: innovation@hebdenbridgemill.co.uk

Hebden Bridge Mill,
St. Georges Square,
Hebden Bridge,

Using Renewable, Sustainable Power

Just remember that it doesn't cost the earth to shop,
eat or drink at Innovation.

Hydro power electricity from the river.
Hot water from solar panels and river water source heat pump.